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Our Vision is to create one of the best up to date, innovative treatment projects, based on scientific findings and trail-based evidence.

We are a group of Academics and Medical dermatologists who use the income of this project to conduct research aiming to create new innovative treatments.

Everyday research brings new data that help us understand and treat medical conditions. Unfortunately, for rare conditions like vitiligo, the treatments are way behind and less concerned by the investors.

We focus mainly on skin conditions, but we also have other health interests ideas that worth chasing.

We have produced VT.Treatment ™ as an innovative new method and “complete” natural topical treatment project for vitiligo, what we mean by “complete” is that it is the first topical treatment that covers the abnormalities known up-to-date for vitiligo condition and with different products for different skin condition and treatment phase. Most other medications cover one aspect/abnormality or it was designed as a general immunomodulator or immunosuppressant or anti-oxidants or even contain natural products that weren’t designed based on science or went through proper investigations.

We also guide you with treatment plan based on your blood test results that are reviewed by our medical team. Contact our whatsapp help line or follow our telegram channel to ask your questions and join our treatment team.

Our near future vision is to create systemic treatments, biological treatments and other supportive treatments to help treat vitiligo condition. We have four products in our list and would also like to establish a vitiligo centre for personalised diagnostics and personalised medicine following our announcement in the 2nd vitiligo symposium 2018, your support will drive these projects forward.

Upcoming projects

VT Treatment Project (Natural and Herbal Components based on Alansary Two phases method)
Completed July 2016 (Research and Laboratory Analysis) 100%
VT Treatment Project Trails
Completed Nov 2017 100%
VT Treatment Plus and VT Treatment components update Projects
Completed July 2018 100%
VT Medical UV Radiation Cabin ( UVA + UVB + Air Derma cooler)
Completed January 2020 100%
VT Treatment anti-inflammatory Base (VT Treatment base Update)
Completed January 2021 100%
VT Treatment Base and Component Update
Completed December 2021 100%
Relaxation Tablets (Help reduce stress)
Project completion 75%
RVR (Internal All Day Treatment)
Research Completed - 2022 - No Sufficient evidence 100%
VT.Treatment ™ Capsules (Systemic VT.Treatment ™ Capsules)
Project completion 28%
VT SkinCare Tablets (Systemic skin pigment enhancement)
Research Phase 55%
All Day skin care lotion (skincare lotion that can be used anytime has powerful anti-aging)
Research Phase 60%
The "Cold" Radiation Project
Research Phase 20%
Super Molecular" Project Phase 1
Completed ( Recombinant Purification and initial laboratory analysis) 100%


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