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Mohammad Alansary created a telegram group for all vitiligo patients using his treatment method with the aim of a clear open discussion and feedback of their real-time experience of the treatment.

He commented: I wanted to create an easy way to gather data, share experience, and for patients to gain benefits and promotions from different services.

Users share their real-time VT.Treatments ™ experience and sometimes their results.

Sigmental vitiligo before treatment


Sigmental vitiligo during the treatment


He created a Pinpoll to access statistics about different questions to help his research about vitiligo, lifestyle, experiences, results of different medications, nutrition, patients’ histories, and many other parameters.

He sends general updates and encouraging messages, shares recent findings and data, helps educate the public and also gets educated by their feedback, spreads awareness about scam treatments, and helps save patient’s money by providing promotions for devices and tests.

Nowadays, more than 15 labs have chosen VT.Treatment ™ blood test as a test protocol to investigate vitiligo suspected parameters and provided more than 50% discounts (Alfarabi laboratories was the first to approve VT blood test parameters)

Offer advises, discounts and other services regarding devices, medications and test kits

With a half-million followers, blogger Mufeeda Arbash offered partnership and described this as great confidence in the product’s results. Clear flawless honesty towards a product/service that allows everyone to join, talk directly with all users and share their experience, feedback, opinions, and results like no other product/service have ever offered it. !

Medical doctors and researchers see it as a great data collection and questionnaire tool.

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