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Philips Narrowband UVB Lamp ONLY


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This is medical Phillips UVB lamp only (Not the device).

Medical Narrowband UVB is different from the non-medical UV Lamp that is used for sterilisation. This is the original medical 311nm 9w 167mm PL-S 9w/01/2P Philips Narrowband UVB (NBUVB) lamp used for treating vitiligo and psoriasis. There are other Philips lamps that looks similar but not for medical used, there are also other manufacturers that stamps Philips, but we trust the original Philips UV lamp for medical use only.

This can be a good replacement if you already have a NBUVB device, that you either doubt the lamp or if you used it for many hours and you need a new one.

The NBUV lamp energy fade with time, you shouldn’t wait till the starter start to fail, these lamps loses their energy with time and need to be replaced even hours before the starter fails. If you need to keep the good progress replace your lamp once a year.

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 5 cm


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