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Derma Roller


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Derma Roller is important for better topical treatment absorption efficiency. Use it before applying your treatment.

It can be used before your skin treatment, weather its hair serum, vitiligo treatment, or anti-aging treatment.

Our derma roller needle measure only opens pores above your melanocytes layer, preventing any damage on melanocytes layer, this is important for leukoderma patients, as damaging the melanocytes layer might trigger kobner phenomenon.

Our derma roller comes with hard case that has sanitizing chamber, to protect it after use, and cover it from dust and contamination as this is very crucial for a skin penetrative device. Do not use any product that has peroxides in the sanitising chamber. 70% ethanol can be used as sanitising solution. Use alcohol wipes on your skin area before using the derma roller.

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Dimensions 15 × 4 × 3 cm


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